Sunday, January 16, 2011

the journey..

Our journey began in July of 2009... my husband and i had been together 4 years and decided to try for a baby...we knew for someone like me it would be difficult we just didnt know how difficult our journey would become.

So it begins....
We had been trying 3 months when in December I started having bad cramps..I had every pregnancy symptom down to the morning sickness and we just knew this was it. I was pregnant. We got our hopes up and waited to take the test all of our friends and family paitently awaited our results we were anxious to say the least... we took the test and waited...."not pregnant" was the result..our hearts broke you see we despratly wanted a baby.. we LOVE kids and want a house full. We both agreed on four kids and we couldnt wait to start our wonderful family.  The next month came and went..same thing happened I had cramps, morning sickness, dizziness, sensitive boobs, they even swelled, we waited took the test and negative was the result. We finally decided we need to know what was going on with my body. We went to the dr and told them what was going on and they told me it was all in my head...great i not only do i know its going to be hard to now crazy! So we left the drs office feeling no better than when we went. So we kept trying we were NOT going to give up! For 4 months this happened we would go to the dr they would tell me it was all in my head.... I was losing hope..and fast so we decided to try a new dr. this one seemed different he immediately started me on clomid. You see i dont have normal menstral periods...mine come maybe every 6 or 7 months if im lucky. Anyways... i was on clomid for a week to start my period so that i would ovulate and get such luck. So we contined this until august and at this point we had been trying for 1 year and 1 month. I was hopeless if the drs couldnt figure out what was wrong i was never going to be able to conceive. In August right before we went on vacation i started having bad cramps I KNEW something was wrong with me  but I wanted to wait it out...two weeks i had this pain I would fall to floor and scream I was in so much pain and i do well with pain normally.  When we came back to Arkansas I immediatley called my dr and was thankful he could get me in asap. We did tests and he pushed on me and examined me all the while i was in screaming pain and he finally walked in the room and told me I had PID. As everyone knows i research EVERYTHING and I left there with Google popped up on my phone. I knew that he had misdiagnosed me but i took the meds he gave me and when i ran out i was still in gut wrenching pain so i switched drs. On the first visit we ran all kinds of tests and played 1001 questions when he finally looked at me and told me i may have endometriosis and to come back in a month if the pain was still there. So i came back I was still in pain I was having to leave work and take all kinds of pain meds just to get through the day. I was miserable. I went back where he prescribed me birth control he stated it would help with the pain and prevent me from having a period. On some days it did work but when it didnt everyone knew it. So i went back last week where we found out it had the exact oppisite effect on me than it should have and because im so young my dr doesnt want to do the laprascopy surgery on me to diagnose the endo...which im thankful for because truth be known im only 20 my body should be funtioning normally....I shouldnt be having all this pain..or be worried about infertility but I am. I also feel guilty that my husband married someone like me...someone who may never concieve  and it really hurts knowing im to blame. So here we are today being thankful for what we have and trying hard to be patient and wait on God's plan for our life. Weve decided to do foster care and adopt children because there are millions of kids that need a good home..I know because i was one of them. Im thankful that I married a man that shares my love for children and for understanding my want to give back to the system i was in for 6 years . Ill post more about our journey when it occurs. We are trying to become closer to the Lord through this process because after all nothing could be done without the man upstairs! 

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  1. Psa 62:8 Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.

    I know you always hear us old farts preach about patience, and I'll even admit that it is a lot easier to tell someone to be patient than to be patient yourself;) the best advice I can give you though is to offer up your petition to the Lord, pour out you heart to him like the above quote says, then take your place under his wing, accept no discouragement. not from you your own mind, doubting and not from naysayers who love to flock to those hurting and tear at them like hungry buzzards. that whole psalm is worthy of a read for you today, wuz the first thing to come to mind reading your post. have a blessed day.