Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This week has been rough for me...and my husband too i'm sure. I'm really trying to find strength and understanding but it's hard. It's not just about my infertility tho..everything seems so confusing to me right now and i've found myself more emotional this week than i've been in a while. Ever since Sunday i've been in excrutiating pain and NOTHING seems to be working, i've taken tylonol, ibprophen, hydrocodones, and none of it works. I honestly feel like giving up. They say to get a hysterectomy to completly get rid of all this pain...and right now that's honestly sounding like a pretty good option. Aside from the fact I REALLY want a baby... I just wish my dr was taking things more seriously. I've pretty much lost all faith in drs and am slipping into depression, which is making me feel worse about my condition. I hate feeling so hopeless, and helpless and i'm sure my husband feels bad for me. I guess i just need to start praying harder and hoping for a miracle. I hate telling people my problems but maybe if I share them with somone who doesn't see the pain I feel it might help me cope? I guess I should stop complaining about something I have no control over and put on my big girl panties but...I thnk i'll save that for another day.

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